Battlezone Archery: Summer Holidays!

Summer Holiday Activities

Every Sunday and Thursday of the Summer Holidays from Sunday July 29th.

Battlezone Archery

With Wiltshire Outdoor Learning Team

Open to all Field725 Campers.

  • Battle zone Archery £15 pp – Minimum Teams of 4

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Battlezone Archery:Put your archery skills into life to battle against other participants! A cross between paint balling and dodgeball…with arrows! For those aged 12 and above.

Battlezone Archery is an exciting combat game that allows players all the excitement of Dodgeball but using specially made bows and arrows.

Two teams of equal players face off across a purpose built field layout. Each team has 5 specially designed bunkers made by Boost Air®, 5 target cones that are placed in front of each bunker, each holding a ball. There are several objectives to the game. The scoring is very simple! You will get 30 points for an eliminated player and 50 points for a targeted cone. Each game will last for up to 10minutes, where the scores are added and teams swap ends.

The equipment has been specially designed for the game. The Battlezone Archery arrows have a round rubber tip, which will absorb the impact when it hits a player. The Battlezone Archery bows mare made of a flexible material so are difficult to break, no other type of bow must be used for the game. Each player will wear a safety mask for added protection to the head. Available if necessary are body protectors. Arm and finger guards are provided to all players.

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